Anna Moses


Ms. Moses is the President of HYASA Center, Founder of Affordable Advocates

Main Pactice Areas

Immigration Law
Medical Malpractice
Criminal law

Ms. Moses is the President of HYASA Center, Founder of Affordable Advocates and has been a leader in the Armenian and Russian communities for years.  She brings a unique passion and dedication to helping underserved clients in their life challenges; the non-legal individual advocacy and assistance she provides combine conscientiousness and dedication to equitable resolutions. Ms. Moses is not a licensed attorney; however, she can appear at Social Security and disability hearings as a non-attorney representative, as well as act as an Individual Advocate in supporting clients when they need help, or helping them in finding solutions in resolving their problems.


Ms. Moses obtained her LLM from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, MS in Economics and Math in Armenia, Diploma of Graduate Study on Jurisprudence in Armenia, and her MA in International Business in the USA.  After working at the U.N., and on World Trade Organization projects, Ms. Moses founded several projects under HYASA Center, providing services to underserved communities.

She believes in helping people of all walks of life through the often-complex maze of government procedures. Her background in international organizations and government relations brings a unique perspective to helping in the establishment of corporations and business plans with a forward looking, proactive perspective. Her highly discerning personality gives a family type feel to interactions with clients and associates, whereby her empathy and respect for the individual provide a warm and sensitive regard for the struggles of a person.

She firmly believes that access to information and education about life, laws and regulations, prepare a consumer for the difficult road through business and government regulations. Her high regard for the professional insights that non attorney advocates and licensed attorneys can bring, renders her individual advocacy competent and result oriented. Her information packed television shows have been watched broadly by the Armenian and Russian communities in the United States and North America since 2009.

Anna’s unique blend of respect for an individual’s rights, belief in professional competence and altruism, and the enrichment to life that only the Arts can bring, make her a precious resource in the community.