Dmitry Gurovich


With 24 years of criminal defense experience, Mr. Gurovich is ready to fight for his clients in the areas of:

Federal Offenses
White Collar Crimes
Health Care Fraud
Sex Crimes
Theft Offenses
Drug Crimes
Domestic Violence Offenses
Gun Crimes

For over 25 years, Mr. Gurovich has handled both state and federal cases passionately fighting for the rights of those facing criminal charges. He is an alumnus of UCLA, and Loyola Law School, where he focused on the study of constitutional and criminal law.  

Mr. Gurovich was born in the former Soviet Union.  Growing up in that country, Mr. Gurovich personally witnessed countless incidents of the government abusing its powers at the expense of the individual.  Since early childhood, Mr. Gurovich had decided to fight for individual rights, against the tyranny of government.  This is why Mr. Gurovich has never joined the District Attorney’s office.  That would go against everything Mr. Gurovich believes in.

In 1995, Mr. Gurovich began his criminal defense career in the Los Angeles area, handing hundreds of State and Federal criminal cases in California as well as numerous other states.   He has developed an excellent reputation with Judges and prosecutors alike. His dedication to his clients yields outstanding results in every single case he is involved in.   Mr. Gurovich and his partner, Mr. Berk, personally handle each and every case.  Your case will be in the hands of a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney.